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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you pick the Horton Road site for your facility?
With the correctional facility to the north and the quarry to the south and no subdivisions proposed in the area we considered the site to be suitable for our needs.
If you lived on Horton Road would you want this facility here?
It is our aim to consult with you as our neighbours in developing the facility and to seek your support.
If you develop Horton Road will BGC use it?
BGC have made a commitment in writing that access to its new quarry will be from the Great Southern Highway and there is no intention to ever use Horton Road.

BGC advise that it has also committed the bush adjacent to Horton Road as 'Bush Forever'.
How do you propose to reduce the noise of trucks as they approach the highway intersection from Carter Road?
Traffic will be restricted to 60kph along Horton and Carter Roads and to 50kph along the section of private road. Trucks will be instructed not to use engine brakes when approaching the intersection with the highway.

The hours of operation will be from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday inclusive, excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday. Work undertaken outside of these hours will be carried out with the prior approval of the Shire of Northam.
Will the trucks bringing waste up here smell?
Potentially odorous waste will be stored in enclosed containers. Mixing will be carried out in a shed and composting stockpiles will be covered during Phase 1 which could be regarded as being the most odorous
How are you going to stop pollution of the creek?
The goals of Purearth are to improve the earth by returning the goodness back to the soil. We will be taking every conceivable measure to avoid causing degradation to the stream. The facility will be positioned on a compacted hardstand that will have a 2% cross fall so that water falling on the hardstand runs off to a perimeter drain.

The perimeter drain will be lined with high density polyethylene plastic and water will be directed to HDPE lined ponds. The storage capacity of the ponds is designed as a minimum to accommodate a 1 in 10 year storm event.
What happens if the ponds overflow?
At times, when sizable storms are expected, the ponds will be maintained with a freeboard of 300mm as part of our site's operational procedures. This will accommodate the 1 in 10 year storm event. A storm event of 50mm of rain on the hardstand in year 1 will generate approximately 280mm of water in the ponds.

If the ponds appear close to an overflow situation, water will be pumped back up onto the stockpiles of compost which are capable of soaking up considerable amounts of moisture.


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