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The Purearth Process

With many years' hands on experience in the field, Purearth understands the needs of the land and manufactures products that enhance nutrient-depleted soils.

The composting process we propose to adopt at Wooroloo Brook Farm is called 'Covered Static Pile Forced Aeration'.

The technology is proven, energy efficient, and (thanks to the state-of-the-art cover system we have chosen to adopt) the composting process keeps odour in the cover system to an absolute minimum.

Purearth is working closely with the EPA and DEC to ensure that the installation meets world class standards.

What's in it for the Environment?
Saving Tonnes of CO2

The Purearth composting facility is designed to safely and conveniently process waste which would otherwise be transported to rubbish dumps. Such landfill waste generates greenhouse gas which comprises methane as well as carbon dioxide.

Landfills are an anaerobic environment (without oxygen) while composting is an aerobic process (with oxygen) that produces a certain amount of CO2, it is 21 times less potent on the environment than the methane, and is therefore a positive step forward.

The world, and specifically Australia, is more conscious of the need to be environmentally responsible as well as carbon efficient, and Wooroloo Brook Farm is committed to playing its part in that process.


Tree Planting Initiatives
Trees absorb CO2 and act as 'lungs' for the environment. For every tree that may have to be removed as part of any facility development, we will plant a minimum of five trees to replace them. Parts of our site exhibit salinity issues, and our strategy is to support 'Men of the Trees' initiatives, and raise as many trees on our property as possible.


Impact on Water Quality

Thanks to the composting process, and the way in which water is managed, the quality in the creek systems (which is poor now) will not be further degraded - and it may actually improve over time.


A Win for the Environment, a Win for the Community and a Win for Growers

Our process turns a problem (waste) into a solution (valuable, nutrient-rich, compost and fertiliser). Many soils are depleted through the use of inorganic chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The Purearth product is organic, natural and is set to play an important part in growing crops of greater nutritional value.

What's in it for the Community?

Local Organisations can Save Money!

Potentially, Wooroloo Brook Farm can save local farms, growers and organisations that produce organic waste significant costs in landfill fees. We are here to provide a service and to reduce the detrimental impact of landfill on the local Community.


What Other benefits are there for the Local Community?

New Jobs

Once it is established and operational, the Farm will introduce at least three new jobs, and local people will be given preference.


Bringing New Investment to the Immediate Area

Purearth's investment in the project is anticipated to bring significant additional revenue to the locality and Shire - such as, rates, fencing, building and concrete works, roofing contractors, electrical and plumbing services, road improvements, food, fuel - and more.

What's in it For You as Our Neighbours?

Purearth will gift finished product to our immediate neighbours (depending on their specific needs) and will play a part in the Community by supporting local events and initiatives. We are not only committed to the work that we do, and to the ethos of creating products of outstanding quality, but we aim to become close and valued neighbours.


Our Ethics

Purearth and Wooroloo Brook Farm pride ourselves on being responsible corporate citizens, and when it comes to meeting our obligations to the environmental authorities, local councils and the local Community, our policy is to be 100% compliant with all statutes and everything that is required of us.


We Welcome Your Questions

We understand that many questions will spring to mind. Please refer to the accompanying Wooroloo Brook Farm - Frequently Asked Questions


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