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Lesmurdie Sand, Soil & Stockfeed

Over the past 3 years Purearth has been and still is our provider of quality soils and mixes. It has been a pleasure to deal with every aspect of this company from office staff through to delivery drivers. Customer's purchasing Purearth products have all been very satisfied with return sales. Lesmurdie Sand & Soil highly recommends Purearth as a professional company with excellent products and service.

Kind Regards,


Diane Giglia

Garden Supplies

Purearth have been a supplier of All Earth Group since our garden centre opened in 2005. We have continued to increase the number of lines supplied from Purearth due to the consistent quality of the products and continuous availability.
I recently visited Purearth site and was impressed with the leached water reservoir system they had in place that ensured optimum nutritional content in their products. This gave me added confidence in recommending the products to my customers.
All Earth Group are working towards obtaining Quality Assurance, this will include a strict specification on products we supply. We have no concerns about Purearth products meeting these specifications.

Kind Regards,


Julie Dale

All Earth Group Garden Supplies - Manager

Capital Recycling

Capital Recycling has longstanding experience with the recycling of concrete and other building materials. From a number of years in demolition arena, Capital was well positioned to recognise the significant amount of waste generated in the construction industry and the potential this waste had as a reusable commodity. From that reclamation, Capital Recycling produce a range of high quality, recycled products including crushed concrete road-base, track and drainage material, fill sand, drainage rock as well as washed paving sand and recycled washed aggregate.


Capital Recycling also specialize in commercial and domestic demolition services as well as reclamation of land when reprocessing or removal of spoils is required and replaced with recycled products. We have a number of excavators, experienced operators and support crews full time in these arenas. All spoils from our projects are processed with a minimum of 80-90% of all waste removed being reused.


All of the green waste generated from both our Recycling Depot and our external services are sent to Purearth for reclamation. Purearth has been handling our green waste exclusively since their inception in 2004. All materials are handled efficiently and at very competitive rates. Their finished products are also without question and are used extensively on any of our reclamation projects as well as a number of commercial development projects undertaken by the owner of Capital Recycling.


We have no hesitation in recommending Purearth or the products and services they offer.

Yours sincerely,


General Manager

Capital Recycling


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